Club Tryouts

Tryout Dates for the 2015-2016 Season

U14 & Under 11/1/15 - First Day of Tryouts
U14 & Under 11/9/15 - First Signing Day

U15 & Over 11/15/15 - First Day of Tryouts
U15 & Over 11/23/15 - First Signing Day

2015 Junior Tryout Memberships are Now Available

Click Here for the USA Volleyball Age Definitions

Click Here for Illustrated and Detailed instructions concerning the Junior Tryout Membership Process  
Click Here for Instructions about How to Print your USAV Membership Card

Every Potential Player Must Register with USA Volleyball Prior to Participating in Any Club Tryout

USA Volleyball Registration will be a Two Step Process Again in 2015-2016.

Step 1 will be to purchase a $5 Junior Tryout Registration Prior to Participating in Tryouts for a Club

Step 2 will be to upgrade to the full junior membership after you have signed a contract to play for a club team. 

Click Here For Illustrated Junior Tryout Registration Instructions


Please Remember:

Players will only need to register with the Region one time and may attend as many tryouts as they would like.

-The $5 tryout registration is cost will be credited towards the player’s full club membership cost of $72 when they are selected to a team.

-The $5 registration cost is separate from the tryout fee (if any) charged by the club for participation in their tryout.

-The competitiveness of the clubs and teams varies significantly from club to club. Some clubs have highly competitive tryouts where a very large number of players compete for a limited number of positions on a team. Other clubs have a “take all players” policy where they try to form a team with all the players that turn out.

 -Click here to visit our Parents Page for the tryout checklist and Questions that Parents Should Ask Their Potential Club.


Find a Club

Eastside Area

  Tryout Information
Bellevue Eastside VBA
BellevueHigh Velocity VBC
BellevueMoxie JuniorsMoxie Juniors Tryout Info
U12 11/5/2015 5:30pm
U13 11/5/2015 7:30pm
U14 11/7/2015 9:30am
U15 11/19/2015 5:30pm
U16 11/21/2015 9:30am
U17 11/21/2015 11:30am
All tryouts at Jewish Day School
BellevueNorthwest Juniors VBCNorthwest Juniors Eastside Tryout Information
U12  11/4/2015 6pm Eastside Christian School
U13  11/2/2015 7pm Tillicum Middle School
U14  11/1/2015 9am Tillicum Middle School
U15  11/16/2015 7pm Tillicum Middle School
U16  11/15/2015 11am Tillicum Middle School
U17  11/18/2015 6pm Eastside Christian School
BellevueSudden Impact VBC 
BothellBothell VBC 
BothellRain City VBCRain City Tryout Info
U15  11/15/2015 11am
U16  11/18/2015 6pm
U17  11/16/2015 6pm
U18  11/16/2015 6pm
All Tryouts at Cedar Valley Community School Gym
DuvallValley View VBCValley View VBC Tryout Info
U13  11/8/2015 1pm
U14  11/8/2015 1pm
U15  11/22/2015 1pm
U16  11/22/2015 1pm
U17  11/22/2015 1pm
All tryouts at Cedarcrest High School
Mercer IslandAbsolute Zero VBCAbsolute Zero VBC Tryout Info
U13 11/2/2015 5:09pm
U15 11/16/2015 5:09pm
U16 11/16/2015 5:09pm
U17 11/16/2015 5:09pm
U18 11/16/2015 5:09pm
All tryouts at Mercer Island Community Center
Mercer IslandIsland Thunder Volleyball Club 
Mercer IslandMercer Island VBCMercer Island VBC Tryout Info
U14  11/6/2015 5pm  Mercer Island Community Center
U15  11/20/2015 5pm  Mercer Island Community Center
U16  11/21/2015 12pm  The Peak – Boys and Girls Club
RedmondNorthwest Storm VBC
SnoqualmieRidge Valley VBCRidge Valley VBC Tryout Information
U12  11/8/2015 5pm
U13  11/8/2015 5pm
U14  11/8/2015 5pm
All tryouts at Mt. Si High School
 Woodenville Falcon VBC 

Tacoma Area

  Tryout Information
Tacoma253 Elite VBC


University PlaceSouth Sound Volleyball Club 
Tacoma/SpanawaySpanaway VBC 

Puyallup Area

  Tryout Information
BuckleyFoothills Select
GrahamAbove the Net 
Lake TappsLake Tapps Volleyball 
PuyallupPuget Sound VBA 
PuyallupPuyallup Juniors 
PuyallupSouth Hill VBC 
PuyallupREACH VBC 
SpanawayAces VBC 

Everett Area

  Tryout Information
EdmondsNorthwest Juniors VBC

Northwest Juniors Edmonds Tryout Info
U12  11/3/2015 6pm Beautiful Savior Church Gym
U13 11/3/2015 6pm Beautiful Savior Church Gym
U14 11/6/2015 6pm Beautiful Savior Church Gym
U15 11/15/2015 5pmBuertiful Savior Church Gym
U16 11/19/2015 6pm Beautiful Savior Church Gym
U17 11/17/2015 6pm Beautiful Savior Church Gym
U18 11/17/2015 6pm Beautiful Savior Church Gym


EverettNorthshore Juniors 
EverettSeattle Jrs 
EverettSnohomish Valley VBCSnohomish Valley Fusion Tryout Info
U12  11/4/2015 6pm  Everett Boys & Girls Club
U13  11/6/2015 6pm  Valley View Middle School
U14  11/5/2016 7pm  Valley View Middle School
U15  11/20/2015 6pm  Valley View Middle School
U16  11/19/2015 7pm  Valley View Middle School
U18  11/21/2015 9:30am Valley View Middle School
MukilteoSabotage Volleyball Bond 
Lake StevensLake VBCLake VBC Tryout Information
U12  11/7/2015 3:00pm
U13  11/7/2015 10:00
U14  11/7/2015 10:00
U15  11/21/2015 3:00pm
U16  11/21/2015 10:00
U17  11/21/2015 10:00
All tryouts at Lake Stevens Volleyball Training Center
MukilteoMukilteo VBA 
LynnwoodWashington Volleyball Academy 
MukilteoNorthend Inferno VBC 
MarysvilleSmokey Point VBC

Smokey Point Tryout Information
U12  11/1/2015 10am 
U13  11/1/2015 1pm 
U14  11/1/2015 4pm 
U15  11/15/2015 10am 
U16  11/15/2015 1pm 
U17  11/15/2015 4pm 
All Tryouts at 1010 Beach St Marysville WA. 98270


Whidbey Island Area

  Tryout Information
LangleySouth Whidbey Juniors 
Oak HarborWhidbey Fury 

Seattle Area

  Tryout Information
ShorelineAll Out VBCAll Out VBC Tryout Information
U12 11/1/2015 1pm
U13 11/1/2015 3pm
U15 11/15/2015 1pm
U16 11/15/2015 3:15pm
U18 11/16/2015 7pm
All tryouts at Mike Martin Gym, Kings High School
SeattleCascade VBC 
SeattleKraken VCKraken VC Tryouts
U12  11/1/2015 11am Rainier Community Center
U13  11/1/2015  11am  Rainier Community Center
U14  11/1/2015 2pm  Rainier Community Center
U15  11/15/2015 9am  Miller Community Center
U16  11/15/2015 11:30am  Miller Community Center
U17  11/15/2015 2pm  Miller Community Center
U18  11/15/2015 4:30pm  Miller Community Center
Seattle206 Volleyball206 Volleyball Tryout Info
U12  11/2/2015 6:30pm
U14  11/4/2015 6:30pm
U15  11/16/2015 6:30pm
U16  11/18/2015 6:30pm
All tryouts at Bitterlake Community Center (Annex)
Federal WayIntensity Sports ClubIntensity Sports Club Tryout Info
U12 11/1/2015 3:30pm
U13 11/1/2015 3:30pm
U14 11/1/2015 3:30pm
U15 11/15/2015 12pm
U16 11/15/2015 12pm
U17 11/15/2015 12pm
U18 11/15/2015 12pm
 All tryouts at Thomas Jefferson High School
SeattleSpace Needle VBC 
RentonRelentless Pursuit VBC 

Kent Area

  Tryout Information
AuburnPacific Coast VBA 
Des MoinesClub Wahine 
Des MoinesSouth End Juniors 
KentKent Juniors VBC 
Maple ValleySynergy VBC 
Maple ValleyBoost VBCBoost VBC Tryout Information
U12 11/3/2015 7pm Tahoma Senior High
U14  11/2/2015 7pm Tahoma Jr High
U15  11/16/2015 7pm  Tahoma Jr High
U17  11/18/2015 7pm  Tahoma Jr High

Bellingham Area

BellinghamWhatcom VBC 
BellinghamWestern Washington Juniors 
BellinghamWhatcom Impact VBC 
FerndaleFerndale VBCFerndale VBC Tryout Info
U12 11/2/2015 6pm
U13 11/2/2015 6pm
U14 11/2/2015 6pm
U15 11/18/2015 6pm
U16 11/18/2015 6pm
U17 11/18/2015 6pm
U18 11/18/2015 6pm
All tryouts at Horizon Middle School
LyndenLynden VBC 

Mount Vernon Area

AnacortesSkagit-Island VBASkagit Island Tryout Information
U12  11/8/2015 5pm 
U13  11/8/2015 5pm
U14  11/8/2015 7pm
U15  11/15/2015 5pm
U16  11/15/2015 5pm
U17  11/15/2015 7pm
U18  11/15/2015 7pm
All tryouts at Anacortes Middle School
StanwoodStanwood Camano VBCStanwood Camano VBC Tryout Information
U15  11/16/2015 6:30pm  Stanwood Middle School
LaConnerLaConner VBC 
Mount VernonSkagit VBC 
Sedro WooleySedro Wooley VBC 

Olympia Area

ChehalisLC SpikersLC Spikers Tryout Info
U12  11/15/2015 4pm 
U13  11/15/2015 4pm
U14  11/15/2015 4pm
U15  11/15/2015 5:30pm
U16  11/15/2015 5:30pm
U17  11/15/2015 7pm
U18  11/15/2015 7pm
All tryouts are at 2091 Jackson HWY, Chehalis, WA 98532
OlympiaEvergreen Juniors 
OlympiaCapital VBC 
OlympiaPuget Sound VBA 

Peninsula Area

AberdeenGrays Harbor VBC 
BremertonOlympic Premier VBCOlympic Premier Tryout Info
U12  11/1/2015 1pm
U13  11/1/2015 1pm
U14  11/1/2015 5:30pm
U15  11/15/2015 12pm
U16  11/15/2015 3:30pm
U17  11/15/2015 7pm
U18  11/15/2015 7pm
All Tryouts at Peace Lutheran School
BremertonWashington Elite VBC
SilverdaleKitsap Peninsula VBC 
QuilceneHood Canal Volleyball Club 


National vs. Regional Teams

The coach and/or the club director determine the tournament and practice schedule for each team. The most competitive teams often compete at “national” tournaments where they compete with some of the best club teams in the nation or the Western United States. There are additional cost considerations for a player to participate at this level due to travelling and other accommodations. The level of commitment for a national team is typically higher as well. Regional teams typically participate in tournaments that are in the Pacific Northwest and are easy to travel to by car.

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