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General Forms & Information

Each season, the PSR and USA Volleyball update existing forms and occasionally add new forms relevant to our officials. Officials may use this section of our website to download the current forms applicable to them.  This section is being updated for the 2015/2016 season.

Rules and Information

Click here to read the 2015- 2017 USA Volleyball Domestic Competition Regulations (DCR or “Rules”).

Click here for the significant rule changes for the 2015-2016 season (For Junior coaches, this info is in your on-line training, and must be viewed there, to receive credit)

Click here to find any interpretations and technique updates issued by USA Volleyball.

Click here to see the rule and technique differences between USAV, NCAA and NFHS (NEW - UPDATED FOR 2015/2016)


Current Arbiter Schedule

April 29, 2016 update  -  Schedule for  4-30,   schedule for 5-1      LAST UPDATE FOR 2016

Official’s Forms

Checklist and Tourney Report
This form is to be completed by the day official to provide the region with information about the tournament.
Professional Responsibilities This form is to be completed as one step in the process of becoming a PSR official.
Deciding Set Scoresheet Deciding Set Scoresheet  (NEW- has been updated for 2015/2016)
Two Set ScoresheetTwo sets on a page (NEW - has been updated for 2015/2016)
Line up sheet 
Libero Tracking Sheet                                                 

Pay Voucher

 Voucher- for use when assigned to officiate events hosted by Puget Sound Region - USAV

Junior program team official training information 2015-2016

All coaches and six players, per team, must complete team official certification prior to their first competition in January, 2016.  Region completion status - coaches, on-line players

There will be specific training for three groups - 1) coaches, 2) returning players and 3) players new to USAV.  Training is now available.

Coaches are required to take on-line testing/training. The instructions for and elements of the 2015-2016 training can be found here.  

Most returning players and coaches 18 and younger must take on-line training,  Instructions are here.  

Live training of returning players and coaches under 18 is available for players of those clubs with trained clinicians.  New and Returning player live training registration instructions for clubs with their clinicians are here

New  players to USAV are strongly encouraged to take live training, but may take on line training. The live training will be 120 minutes long, and hosted  by the Region or another club. Instructions for registering for live training are here.

We will also have a paid ref intern program, for interested girls, ages 16 to 18.  An informational email and invitation will be sent to all girls in these age groups in early December 2015.

 Clinic host request form for clubs hosting players live  USAV clinics

Live clinic schedule tbd

Emotional safety incident reports  - 2016

first page - second page - third page

Team Officials Clinician Materials

1)  new to USAV clinic final- 11/16 revision

 2) returning player clinic final - 11/16 revision