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USAV Junior National Championships

2013 Girls National Championship Qualifier Tournaments

Early March-  Colorado Crossroads, Denver CO.
Early March/Mid April-  Southern California Qualifier, Las Vegas NV/Anaheim CA
Mid March-  Mideast Qualifier, St. Louis MO/Indianapolis ID
Late March- Disney Volleyball Showcase, Orlando FL
Late March- Pacific Northwest Qualifier, Spokane WA
Late March- 
Big South Qualifier, Atlanta GA
Late March-  Northeast Qualifier,  Baltimore MD/Philadelphia PA
April-  Lone Star Classic,  Dallas TX
Mid April-  Show Me Qualifier, Kansas City MO
Late April-  Northern Lights Qualifier,  Minneapolis MN
Late April-  Far West Qualifier,  Reno NV


Because teams can participate in multiple qualifier tournaments, the at-large selection process has been established. To be considered for an at-large Open bid a team must:

  • Play in at least one Qualifier in the Open division for which the team is being considered
  • Submit a Roster in AES (the on-line tournament entry system) in the Open Division
  • Check the box on the AES entry form to be considered for an At-Large bid
  • Send the Entry Fee & Form to the Puget Sound Region Office by April 20, 2012
  • Submit team results* using AES or SUTP by the Monday following the last Qualifier

“Team Results” is defined as a complete and accurate reporting of all team sanctioned competition through the last day of the last Qualifier.

NOTE: A team must compete in an Open Division tournament at a USA Girls’ National Qualifier to be eligible for consideration. All entry fees for those teams denied entry will be refunded.

The GJNC Competition Commission will award the at-large Open bid(s) to the strongest team(s) applying for at-large bid consideration. The Commission will announce those selections no later than the second Monday after the last Qualifier. The Club Director/Team Rep and Coach, of a team selected for an at-large Open bid, as listed of the Official Entry form will be notified via email.