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Parent Tryout Checklist

This checklist can help new club volleyball parents navigate the tryout process.

  • Find volleyball clubs in your area. Start by viewing the "Club Tryouts/Find a Club" tab to find the volleyball clubs in your neighborhood.
  • Once you have located the clubs that are in your area, visit the related club websites to access information on the clubs you may be interested in.
  • Club volleyball tryouts generally take place in November, but some clubs continue looking for players into the beginning of the playing season.
  • Please note that all players must register with USA Volleyball before they can participate in tryouts.  Click Here to visit our tryouts page and start the process.
  • Visit the "Questions Parents Should Ask" section to get a few ideas on the questions you may want to ask at tryouts.

Questions Parents Should Ask

Studies have shown that a coach is the second most significant influence in a young person’s life who participates in sports. The first, of course, is the parents. It is for this reason the parents should be very selective as to whom they allow to coach their child. The following questions should be answered to your satisfaction.


  • What is the club’s Mission Statement?
  • What is the organizational structure?
  • What are the club’s competitive goals?
  • What is the policy of the club covering who I can talk with about problems?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What does my payment cover? USAV Registration? Uniforms? Tournament fees? Travel expenses? Gym rental? Coaches’ stipend?
  • Does my fee guarantee my child’s playing time or right to earn playing time?
  • What is the payment schedule?


  • What is the coach’s written coaching philosophy?
  • What are the coach’s coaching credentials?
  • What are the determinants for player’s playing time?
  • What are the coach’s policies for talking with parents and players?
  • What style of coaching does the coach apply?
  • What are the coach’s expectations of player behaviors?
  • Are the coaches First Aid CPR trained?
  • What is the club policy about parents coaching their own children or coaching within the club where their child plays?


  • What is the monthly competition schedule?
  • If a player cannot make a given competition, how far in advance must notice be made? (Other than sickness or injury.)
  • What policies apply if there is a conflict with a scheduled competition?
  • What are the competitive goals?


  • How many days per week does the team practice?
  • How many hours is each practice?
  • Where are practices held?
  • Is there an emergency plan (in case of injury) in place?
  • Who is allowed to attend practice?


  • Beyond paying the club dues and related expenses what is expected of parents?
  • What club activities and/or duties are parents expected to be involved?
  • Is there a "code of behavior" for parents? If so, what is it?


  • What does the club do to guide college recruiting?


  • What will be my expense obligations traveling to tournaments?
  • What is the chaperone policy?
  • Is there a club travel behavior policy for both players and parents?

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